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Why does your business need marketing videos?

82% increase in views of marketing video content
49% more time spent by consumers on marketing videos
62% of all marketing video views were on smartphones
71% of millennials & 58% of Gen X-ers say they are more likely to engage with videos that are under 90 seconds
53% of adults and 66% of millennials have engaged with a brand after watching a video on social media

Videos rule the web marketing and will keep doing so with a predicted 80% of all traffic consisting of video content by 2021, according to Cisco. Whether you sell products or services, having quality marketing videos should be a key part of your content strategy. Not only is video a moving medium – it should also move your viewers to action. If pressing play helps your customer see you, your product, or options differently, you’ve moved them. Successful video marketing is not about budget, but intent: using videos to move your viewers toward the outcome you need. No matter what your product is, whether you’re a small business or an enterprise, and whether your audience is consumer or business – quality marketing video content will surely strike a chord with your viewers.

Here is one of the main issues that our company sees enterpreneurs facing in their online sales businesses: the customer doesn’t have an ability to physically interact with the product until he or she receives it in the mail.

But the customer may never receive the product in the mail, if they find the images to be unsatisfactory and do not find a product video that would have highlighted the strenghts of the product and addressed the concerns of the customer. How can you overcome this issue without an ability to place your product in customer’s hands and have a clever sales consultant address all of your customer’s concerns? A product video showing a real human interacting with your product in its natural lifestyle environment will definitely help you win more customers.

If you noticed that your competitors have higher conversion rates – look at how they present their product. Most likely you will notice that the most successful brands use live models, who happily interact with their products and show their customers why they would want to add that particular product to the cart with a thrill. (Note: It is not recommended to edit-in your product into a stock photo because it may not look right and will cheapen your brand’s perception in the eyes of your customers.) You will also notice that brands with higher sales conversion rates on have a product video with a clear purpose of presenting their product to their customer and showing the key features. A product video can quickly show your customer the best features of your product, visually explain why your product is better than the competition, suggest how the customer can use it and ask for a sale with a clever call to action. Visualize the three scenarios of marketing the key feature of a silicone barbecue glove – its ability to withstand fire. The first one is an image of a perfect barbecue glove with a fake fire over it, the second one is a professional lifestyle photo with a model’s hand in a fiery grill and the third one is a video of a guy grilling a juicy steak and sticking his hand with the barbecue glove into the fiery grill while laughing and talking to his buddies. Which piece of content do you think would move the customer to buy the product? Professional and well-made product marketing videos will leave your customer with only one question: how quickly can I get this product?