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Case Study: Producing an engaging Brand Story Video to bring awareness to Visioneer’s new printer.

Overview: When Visioneer, a renowned printer manufacturer, was set to introduce their new lineup of printers, they sought an engaging method to reach their potential customers. Understanding the power of visual content, they teamed up with us for creating compelling marketing video content.

Objective: To produce a captivating marketing video that would not only showcase the unique features of Visioneer’s new printer lineup but also drive sales and awareness on platforms like Amazon and the brand’s official website.

Strategy and Execution:

1. Research and Planning: Before diving into production, our team recognized the importance of understanding the platform and its audience. An intensive research phase was initiated, primarily focusing on Amazon – given its weight in Visioneer’s sales strategy. The research also spanned social media platforms, notably Instagram and Facebook, specifically targeting the potential buyers’ interests’ section. This step ensured that our marketing video content was perfectly tailored to resonate with the intended audience.

2. Content Creation: Using the insights from our research, we curated a marketing video that highlighted the salient features of the printers, emphasizing their superiority and utility. The visuals were designed to be both informative and captivating, ensuring viewers were engaged throughout.

3. Distribution: The marketing video was prominently showcased on Visioneer’s branded store on Amazon and the company’s official website. Given the nature of the platforms, the content was optimized for both desktop and mobile viewers to ensure maximum reach.

Results: The marketing video content played a pivotal role in the successful launch of Visioneer’s new lineup of printers on Amazon. Not only did it increase brand visibility and product awareness, but it also led to a significant uptick in sales, cementing the importance of tailored marketing video content in product launches.

Upper Echelon Products

Play Video about Product-Videographer-Lifestyle-Videography-Austin-Texas-Commercial-AzonVidz-Media

Case Study: Crafting a Converting Sponsored Brand Video for Upper Echelon Products’ Amazon PPC ad campaign.

Overview: When Upper Echelon Products approached us with the desire for a ‘wow-worthy’ marketing video, we were more than eager to rise to the challenge. Through a combination of audience research, creative scripting, and skilled videography, we aimed to not only meet but exceed their expectations.

Objective: To create a compelling marketing video for Upper Echelon Products that would engage viewers and drive traffic and sales to their Amazon listing.

Strategy and Implementation:

1. Audience Identification: The initial phase involved identifying the key target audiences. Recognizing the specific demographics and preferences of potential customers is crucial in tailoring a successful marketing video.

2. Product Analysis: Our research went deep into understanding the product’s core strengths and unique selling points. This gave us the foundational knowledge to pitch the product effectively to potential buyers.

3. Casting Decisions: Based on our audience insights, we cast an actress who resonated perfectly with the brand image of Upper Echelon Products. She not only added to the visual appeal of the marketing video but also effectively addressed the identified pain points of the target audience.

4. Creative Scriptwriting: In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, capturing a viewer’s attention within the first few seconds is paramount. Our script took a creative approach, ensuring immediate engagement and maintaining interest throughout.

5. Production Excellence: Our team of seasoned videographers and editors collaborated seamlessly, translating the script’s vision into a captivating visual narrative.

Results: Post launch, the Sponsored Brand Video significantly enhanced Upper Echelon Products’ online presence. Traffic to their Amazon listing soared by 50%, leading to a marked increase in sales. The effectiveness of the marketing video was evident in these tangible results, affirming our commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

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