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Why AzonVidz

The AzonVidz performance content production combines marketing research with
detailed creative excellence to provide you with content performs at its fullest potential

Product Video

As a marketing video production company we specialize in videography that helps clients achieve their goals
Product highlights video

This video type calls out your product’s essential features, uses, and benefits. Use a product highlights video to point out to potential customers exactly what your product has to offer.

Product Video for an Amazon Listing

A lifestyle video showcases the product in use by your target audience. This gives your potential customers an idea of how they can enjoy the product and a chance to picture themselves using it.

Installation / Explainer Video

This kind of video can give customers the satisfaction of knowing what their order will look like when it arrives or allows them to install the product by themself. It can help tip customers over to making a purchase.

Social Media Content / TikTok Videos

Over the past several years, video has remained the best performing type of content to post on social media. According to marketing studies, videos get at least 59 percent more engagement than other post types and get 49 percent more interaction than images.

Amazon Sponsored Brand Video

Video testimonials give prospects the ability to see actual clients give their real opinions about your company’s services or products – giving your brand undeniable credibility. A happy client is your company’s strongest salesperson.

Motion Graphics / Animation Video

You can simplify complex ideas and topics to viewers and add the expected value with engaging visuals. Motion graphics videos are a “multi-sensory experience” that enable you to address different audiences and increase engagement and added value.

Product Photo

Images we create on e-commerce photoshoots with live models connect brands with their audience

Product Photography &
Commercial Videography Pricing

Every customer is unique and has different requirements that directly affect the final cost of a project. Looking forward to knowing more about your product.

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Why You Need Product Video Production Services in 2022


Online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2022, online shoppers included.


72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service via video.


74% of marketers see a better ROI with video compared to static imagery.

80% of all internet traffic will be done using video in 2022 based on current estimates.

Bring your products to life

Show their features and advantages with high-converting content

We Divide Our Process Into 4 Major Phases

01. Creative Consultation

In this phase, our expert agent will help you choose the package that best fits your needs. Also, we write with you a creative brief. You will list all the specs of your products and any special requirements for our photographer & videographer.

02. Pre-Production

The pre-production process includes scriptwriting, location scouting, prop collection, hiring actors, equipment renting, and creating shot lists. In this phase, you will have to send us your product. We recommend that you ship 2 products. This provides a backup in case of a cosmetic flaw or issues on set.

03. Production

The actual shoot can last from one day to several weeks. Similarly, there can just be a skeleton crew or a sizable entourage. Whilst this is often seen as the glamorous side of advertising, production can often be very painstaking, with a lot of hanging around during the Director’s quest to get the look of the Ad as envisioned.

04. Post-Production

Post-production includes all video editing, sound editing, and release of your commercial. Once the footage has been compiled into the final cut of the commercial, you’ll receive your VIDEO via email. Then you have to review the deliverables and let us know of any necessary edits.

Vlad Alexander, Co-Founder of AzonVidz

What our clients say

Ashlynn Feather
Ashlynn Feather
AzonVidz handled all photo & video production needs of ours for a large account and our client was very happy at the end! They worked with over 15 models on set for the scale of this project per our client's request and we had zero issues. The whole process was smooth and communication was clear since the beginning. Their whole team was professional to work with and we will be trusting them with more of our client's content creation needs in the future. Highly recommend!
Arthur Z
Arthur Z
I found AzonVidz during online search for my Amazon business video needs. They were so friendly and well knowledge about their business, After first zoom consolation call i know they are the one i want do my business with. During the whole project processing time. They were not only fast respnding and right on time with my project. They also shared with me what’s newest trend and helpful tip for my projects. You can feel that they do pay attention to your project, You will feel your money is well spend, After countless emails and zoom calls with all the detail and my needs , question been answered i got the final draft video and its amazing. I just loved it. They delivered what i need, All the point is been done perfectly. They listened what my needs and idea was and they did it in the project. Exactly like what i want. Not like others they just want give you what they think is the best and not care about what you think. Or convincing you that their way is the way to do it. Choose them. You will find out not only you get your projects done perfectly and you will found you want keep doing business with them. When you saw your project you will be a happy customer like me.
Zyanne Wynter
Zyanne Wynter
I loved the experience when I was working with the producer so nice and very informative. Gave me confidence in my skills and just an overall good experience!
Cindy Kippert
Cindy Kippert
I had an amazing experience with my video shoot! This was the first time doing anything like this and i was made to feel comfortable immediately. Vlad was very professional and treated me the same even though I have zero experience! Everyone was easy to work with and the time spent filming flew by. I'm looking forward to working with this company again!
McKaylyn Zwieg
McKaylyn Zwieg
I really enjoy my shoots with azonvids. The team is super kind and easygoing. Beautiful set space and they put a lot of time into their work!
justin schaible
justin schaible
I recently did a commercial shoot with Azon Vidz and want to give them huge props for my experience with them. Everything was well laid out from start to finish and they’re all very enjoyable to work with. One of my more fun experiences on any sets. High class and high quality.
Emma Stinson
Emma Stinson
I was hired to model for a product video shoot and it was an amazing experience. The team was thorough, organized and very consistent in communication. 10/10 for their professionalism and guiding me throughout the shoot. I am so grateful that I was able to work with them and hope to continue to work with them in the future. The quality they offer reflects in their work as well. AMAZING company and an amazing team!
Dante DiMaggio
Dante DiMaggio
Great to work with! Definitely have a unique value add and skilled content creation skills.
zaira viveros
zaira viveros
I have had the pleasure of working with AzonVidz on different campaigns and the experience has been wonderful. They are a professional team, knowledgeable, creative on set and pay attention to details. I definitely recommended them and look forward to work with this team again!!
Zoya Logina
Zoya Logina
I’ve recently hosted a networking event with AzonVidz Media as my guest speaker. It was a great pleasure to collaborate and share different business perspectives. Looking forward for the future opportunities to do business development together.
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