What is banner blindness and how to overcome it?

While studying disaster theory at flight school, I learned that 93 percent of disasters are caused by human factors. Someone is tired, forgotten, distracted or considered something unimportant.
But is it only pilots that are so inattentive and dangerous?
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It turns out that our brain loves seeing moving images and does not like to concentrate on something static for a long time. Would you agree? Remember how difficult it can be to force yourself to learn something by heart or to read? How about trying to choose or deciding on an important issue?

It turns out that humans are 1000 times more likely to look at a moving image and would focus on it 10,000 times longer than on a static image. Just think about it: how long are you willing to look out of your apartment window onto the street? How long are you willing to look out of a window of a moving car?
It turns out that people would rather walk and listen, than sit at a table and listen. This suggests that the constantly changing images and movement helps to process information with more ease and in greater volume.
It turns out that since ancient times, the human brain has become accustomed to responding to movement, perceiving this information as a danger or a chance to attack. Would you agree? Many wild animals wouldn’t move, while waiting for their prey, and at the same time the prey would quickly disappear when the hunter made a move. Our attention is attracted by movement, and we are not interested in following a static picture, which would result in wasted energy.

Now let's imagine:

1) Your product appears only in static pictures.
The screen showing product pictures is static. A person scrolling through the static images spends energy on trying to figure out what he or she needs. If the images engage the person, he or she will try to find out more and make a purchase decision using rational thinking, such as price, size, delivery time.
2) Your product appears in a video.
The screen showing product pictures is static. A person, bored, scrolls through the screen and suddenly sees movement. This is your video playing.

So what’s the result?!

I think you know, the more attention you attract, the more people will go to your product listing. Your conversion rate depends on your content that sells and a properly optimized product listing. We will discuss this in the next article.
Thank you for your attention.
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Vladimir Winner

Chief Strategy Officer